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Organic Non-GMO Sprouts $4.95
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Organic Non-GMO Sprouts

Sprouts are a great way to get more flavor, texture, and nutrition into your diet! Sprouts are plants in their smallest form - miniature seedlings that emerge upon germination from the seed. Sprouts are loaded with easy-to-assimilate, highly-digestible nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes. Sprouting is easy, and can be done anywhere, without soil or light; it makes a great family project, and is a wonderful educational process to share with young children. And, they're delicious! Each with its own texture and flavor, there is a sprout for every dish. So what are you waiting for? Start sprouting with our 100% certified organic seeds. *Jar Lid sold separately.

All our seeds are tested for salmonella and e-coli O157. We take the safe handling of our sprouting seeds very seriously.

Alfalfa 3oz       $4.95
Spicy Salad 4 oz       $4.95
Sandwich Booster 3 oz       $4.95
Crunchy Bean Mix 4 oz       $3.95
Fenugreek 4oz       $4.95
Broccoli Blend 3 oz       $4.95
Broccoli 3 oz       $7.95
Ancient Eastern Blend 4 oz       $3.95
Red Clover 4 oz       $4.95
Mung Bean 4 oz       $3.95
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Organic Non-GMO Sprouts
Organic Non-GMO Sprouts
Organic Non-GMO Sprouts
Organic Non-GMO Sprouts