Tulip Or Daffodil Forcing Kits
Forced Daffodils in Basket

Tulip Or Daffodil Forcing Kits

Bring some cheer and smiles indoors this winter! Plant these chilled bulbs. Our nice wicker planter (sealed plastic interior), soil disk and your choice of bulbs. Choose from Cheerfulness Daffodils, Scarlet Gem Daffodils, Seadov Red Tulips, or Juliette Yellow Tulips.

Available November- February  We have chilled these bulbs for 10 weeks as of 11/15/2013; they need at least 15 weeks for this "forcing" process. Then they are ready for you to plant and watch them grow indoors!  Fall planting, spring blooming flower bulbs actually NEED very COLD temperatures to grow.  

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