How to Make a Faux Terrarium

How To Guide: Make a Faux Terrarium
What You'll Need (Most of these can be found on our website or at your home): glass container, terrarium foliage insert, filler (stones, rock, or moss) and a small brush
1. PICK YOUR CONTAINER - Choose from a bubble shape, lotus bowl, cylinder or an european vase
2. PICK YOUR FOLIAGE - Each container comes with an option of foliage insert. Choose which ever one you like best!
3. PLACE THE INSERT - Place the foliage insert inside the container you picked. Usually placing it in the center is best.
4. ADD FILLER - You have the option to purchase filler (stones, rocks and/or moss) with your kit or you can use your own. Insert your choice of filler carefully around the foliage to stablize your terrarium. You can add multiple layers of filler to achieve your desired look!
5. MAKE IT PRETTY - Using your small brush, remove pieces of filler that might have landed in unwanted places on your foliage - or use the brush to adjust everything to your liking.
6. ENJOY - Place your terrarium in a unique spot in your home! With a faux terrarium, you don't need to worry about watering it or cutting the plants back! If you notice your terrarium gets dusty, use the brush to clean the foliage or purchase one of our covers.
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